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The street fashion brand founded by Kaalixto in 2015, coordinates Jinan.
We are determined to create an all-round national fashion brand, with a sense of design, practical wear and cost-effective! Benny Wu hopes and encourages young people to have the courage to find themselves and show their personality and attitude! The brand will also enrich the cultural core and deliver Chinese cultural characteristics!

Brand spirit

Kaalixto intends to explore the delicate relationship between clothing and the wearer Just as the director Benny has repeatedly expressed "I'm not Behind the time at all, Kaalixto hopes The wearer has the courage to express himself and show his unique style.

Artistic feelings

Kaalixto disdains exaggerated design, we pursue freedom but not open yang likes fashion, but is more sober. Even if it is plain the simple color version/shoe type is also eager to change more shapes.We want to do recognizable, we are more looking for the customer's upper/upper feet you can feel perfect comfort.

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